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1). Header 1 should be titled Brainstorming:
For brainstorming, please watch the excerpt from the documentary At a Stranger’s Table and work through the brainstorming steps 1 – 6 explained in this module.
2). Header 2 should be titled Questions:
After completing the brainstorming preparation, you will come up with 3 good questions following the guidelines I have laid out in my explanation for “How to ask good questions.” The 3 questions need to be listed here. Be sure that these questions are open-ended (the responses cannot be a simple “yes” or “no”) and that the questions flow from your brainstorming activity.
Please pay close attention to the following key concepts:
Key Concepts in Postcolonial
2). Language and Hybridity
3). Place and displacement
4). Appropriation and Mimicry
5). Neocolonialism and Three Nations of Development
Key Concepts in Marxist Thought
1). Capitalism
2). The Circuit and the Hidden Adobe
3). Alienation
4). Class Consciousness
5). Commodity Fetishism and Materialism
6). Hegemony and Interpellation
7). Neoliberalism/Neoconservatism and Political Economy
8) Praxis
Applying All the Parts to the Forum response
Select one of these areas to create an analysis in regards to the excerpt from At a Stranger’s Table. All three headers should be evident in this analysis. For example, your narrowing of the topic from steps 1-6 (header 1) should flow into the questions you asked (header 2), and finally the analysis of the key concepts (header 3) in a written response.

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