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1. Reading. Read Chapter 1-3 of Tufte. Read Chapter 3 of BFFG (
pdf). 2. On p. 11 of BFG, they present the following focal problem: “Create
a mathematical model that ranks roller coasters according to a thrill
factor that you define.”
Determine dependent and independent variables for ranking roller
coasters based on how thrilling they are. What are some possible
model parameters?
Remark: To do this problem successfully, you’ll also need to do some
earlier steps (such as brainstorming, perhaps through a mind map). It
is also required to submit these items as part of your problem solution. 3. Continue working with your model for a ranking system for roller
coasters using your definition of “hrilling.” Use your ranking system to
rank at least 10 roller coasters. (You can find data to use at
Remark: Depending on the formulation of your model, it may be
necessary for this problem to simplify it to obtain something that you
know how to solve mathematically. That’s fine but indicate explicitly
in this problem what additional assumptions you make in order to
simplify the problem, and comment on any possible new limitations
or errors that may arise from this process. 4. Find a data visualization from 2020 (e.g., from an online “newspaper” or “magazine”) that you really like. Indicate why you like
it, and also enumerate both its strengths and its weaknesses. Find a data visualization from 2020 (e.g., from an online “newspaper” or “magazine”) that has a “lie factor” or something else
that makes it misleading. Enumerate both the strengths and the
weaknesses of this visualization. Using the second visualization above, sketch the design of a better
visualization that shows the data in a less misleading manner. (If
the example you found above is totally irredeemable, feel free to
do this part of the question with a different graphic.) 5. Find some data set somewhere and create your own visualization with
that data set.

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