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A manager of a small fabrication plant must decide on a production schedule of two new products for the automobile industry. The unit profit is $20 for product 1 and $70 for product 2.The manufacture of these products depends largely on the availability of certain subassemblies the plant receives daily from a local distributor. It takes two of these subassemblies for each unit of product 1 and also two for each unit of product 2. Twenty such subassemblies are delivered daily.Further, it takes four hours to make a unit of product 1 and six hours to make a unit of product 2. The plant has assigned only six workers, each one with an 8-hour shift, for these new products. Due to limited demand, the manager does not want more than six units of product 2 produced daily.1) Formulate this problem as a linear program.2) Solve graphically for the optimal solution. Describe the optimal solution.3) What is the profit generated by using the above optimal solution?After you finish with this problem, you received a memo from the accounting department. According to the accountant, the revised unit profit is $30 for product 1 and $40 for product 2 based on the new marketing information.

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