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Always read critically! Be mindful that the textbook authors have their own idiosyncratic perspectives. Typically they are naturalist, but not Christian. You are exploring the secular mindset in which public policy is conducted. Answers to the following question require that you be succinct. This means you have to analyze and critically distill the essence of the reading. Imagine that you have only 5 minutes to explain your answer to the President of the United States. Both details and inaccuracies are your hazards in this situation. Answer the questions from Becker, A History of Western Ethics, but use the ideas from other required readings, where appropriate, to support your answer. What are the developments in ethical theory that MacIntyre associates with Martin Luther (and John Calvin)? In what sense did Luther write against ethics as it had been understood by Aristotle and the Catholic church?” Succinctly state in your own words John Calvin’s position toward natural law, using Scott C. Pryor’s “God’s Bridle: John Calvin’s Application of Natural Law.” Threads must provide evidence using appropriate references (5 minimum per thread): • At least 1 scholarly reference from the course readings in your answer to each question (3 total). (This could include investigating sources in the assigned reading and making scholarly references. • At least 2 well-developed scripture reference are included in the post. (Every answer need not include a scriptural reference.) Take care not to proof text. Thoughtfully select Scripture passages relevant to your answer and convey the biblical authors’ meaning as they intended and their audiences understood them. The Scripture collaborates and is coherent with your answer, enriching its content. It need not necessarily form the foundation for your answer like a major premise. Reasoning is involved as well as revelation.

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