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– Answer only 5 of the 6 questions.
– There is a limit of 400 words per answer.
– Do not include any references or quotations. As the answers should reflect the student’s understanding.
– The answers must be in your own words.
– The answers should show a Critical Thinking and Creative Problem-solving.
The textbook of the subject is: Strategic Management of Festivals and Events. 2nd edition.
• Frost, W. and Laing, J., 2012. Strategic Management Of Festivals And Events. 2nd ed. South Melbourne: Cengage Learning.
You can find all the concepts covered in the textbook.
_ Questions
1. Consider the three events covered in Week 4 (South by Southwest, the World Masters Games and the 2014 Soccer World Cup). Which of these are Mega Events and which are Hallmark Events? What sort of destination image is being promoted to potential tourists through these events? (Chapter 4)
2. How may events be organised with an objective of reducing their environmental impact? Why are some events being developed as being Green? (Chapter 8)
3. How important is it that all stakeholders agree on the objectives of an event? What might be the barriers to reaching that agreement? (Chapter 2)
4. What is meant by the ‘pulse’ in staging and managing events? How does this affect logistics and human resource management? (Chapter 9)
5. What is emotional labour? How may it affect human resources management at events? (Chapter 9)
6. Why are businesses involved in business events such as exhibitions? What benefits are they seeking? (Chapter 10)

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