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Choose one of the following two prompts : Interpretative Essay 1. Both Martin Luther King and Socrates are responding to an injustice in their culture by trying to “produce a tension” in the hearts of citizens, as evidenced by the text of the Letter from a Birmingham Jail and the Apology. Is Socrates’ depiction of the appropriate response to unjust laws, more or less similar to Martin Luther King’s response to unjust laws in the Letter from A Birmingham Jail (thesis)? Offer three reasons as justifications for your thesis (these three reasons need to come from the text themselves, and your careful interpretation of the text to justify your opinion). You are allowed to make your three reasons a) all reasons for similarity b) all reasons for dissimilarity c) a mix of similar and dissimilar, but with an analytical explanation of why at the end of the day, the claim of your thesis still stands. 2. Use Aquinas’ Treatise on Law to write a critique of Creon (or defense of Antigone) from Sophocles’ play. Offer three points of Aquinas to make three separate points of critique or defense/

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