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Conceptualizing Moden FederalismOrder Description Read only American Intergovern

Conceptualizing Moden FederalismOrder Description
Read only American Intergovernmental Relations: Foundations Perspectives and Issues Fourth Edition. By Laurence J. OToole Jr. Answer only the questions listed below from READING CHAPTER 72-111Please include after reading the materials analysis of the issue your statements with facts and certainly make a clear your point of view. Please answer questions more than three sentences.QUESTIONS
1) Wright presents a synopsis of both National League of Cities v. Usery and Garcia v. San Antonio Metropolitan Authority. Which of Wrights models does each case represent 2) Which of Wrights models best characterizes modern day federalism Or do we see all models at work depending on specific policies 3) What does Derthick mean by the paradox of the middle tier and how might this paradox affect your ability to implement a program 4) If traditional federalism is gone as Rubin suggests why do we cling to the notion that states are still sovereign Again what are the implications of this tension for implementation and evaluation of programs and policies PLEASE AGAIN ONLY ANSWER THE QUESTIONS WITH CLEAR POINT OF VIEW FROM READING THE MATERIAL PROVIDED.

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