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There are three choices to choose from please do number 2 that is labour market inequality the career i want
you to write about is teaching so teacher. Ill the instructions will be in the attached file if you have any questions
All final projects must conform to the following general guidelines
The written report must be an original piece of work produced entirely by yourself for the purpose
of this course. This is an individual assignment and should therefore be completed on your own.
The written report must be typed and double-spaced using 12 point Times New Roman font and
standard margins. Number each page.
The written report must be between 1800 and 2000 words. This corresponds to approximately 6-7
pages but may vary slightly. Marks will be deducted for papers that are too short or too long.
All projects require that you incorporate academic research:
o You must use the ASA (American Sociological Association) or APA (American
Psychological Association) referencing style. This means that you will use within-text
citation and include a complete reference list at the end of the paper.
o Academic sources include academic books and peer-reviewed journal articles from
social science disciplines. Websites and popular media are not scholarly sources and are
inappropriate sources of support for an argument.
You must include a title page that includes an interesting title your full name your student number
the course code and section the instructor s name and the date submitted. There should be no
photographs or illustrations on the cover page.
Staple your paper prior to submission. Do not submit the paper in a report cover or duotang. If you
do it will be discarded and not returned to you.
All students will be assessed using the same grading rubric. It is included in the final page of this
assignment outline. Please make sure you are familiar with this grading rubric prior to starting your
A note on writing
Your ability to communicate your ideas clearly and effectively is important. Writing style constitutes a
significant part of your grade on this assignment (see rubric). Make sure you edit your paper several
times; each part of the paper should be easy to read flow logically and be free of spelling or
grammatical errors. You can also make an appointment at the Writing Centre
( to have a tutor look over your work. I do not edit papers for students.
A note on academic integrity
Any suspected cases of academic dishonesty will be reported to the Academic Integrity Office. Please
make sure you take down all source information when conducting research and learn how to properly
reference material. The Academic Integrity Office has information to help students avoid a charge of
academic dishonesty. Please visit their website at
for more information.
Assignment Options
1. Sociological analysis of a moment in your family history
Select a specific event in your family history preferably one that you know enough about (or can
easily learn more about) and one you feel is reasonably significant. This could be an event in the
recent past (that involved you personally) or something that took place decades ago to another
family member. Think about events such as immigration experiences employment experiences
participation in social movements unexpected social challenges family disruption or other
significant or unique social experiences. The purpose of this assignment is to offer an in-depth
sociological analysis of this event. You should spend no more than 250-300 words of the paper
explaining the event. Then prepare a comprehensive sociological analysis of this event which
connects the experiences of the individual to the broader social context. Your analysis must use
sociological theory to make sense of this event.
2. Labour market inequality
Select a career that you are interested in pursuing in the future. For this project you will investigate
the ways in which social inequality shapes the opportunities and experiences of individuals entering
and working in this occupation. In your paper consider how various dimensions of social identity
(including gender identity race sexual orientation age ability and social class) shape the
experiences of those entering and advancing in this career. Use sociological concepts and theories to
analyze your findings.
3. Community Engaged Learning project
Participate in a Community Engaged Learning opportunity. There are several opportunities to
become involved with organizations in the community which will be presented to you in the first two
weeks of class. Volunteering will require that you take part in a brief interview and training session
and then commit to the organization for the duration of the term. You will write a critical reflection
of your experience working with this organization. A critical reflection is not a general summary of
your experiences; rather you must connect observations you make in your work to the sociological
theory and research that is discussed in the course. Your reflection must be organized around one
central idea or argument so that the overall project is a cohesive paper. You are strongly encouraged
to speak with the instructor about your paper ideas.
More information about the opportunities will be provided in the first two weeks of the term. You
must sign up at the beginning of term to participate in this option. Failure to fulfill your obligation to
the organization may adversely impact your grade on the assignment (up to 20% of the assignment
grade at the discretion of the instructor). If circumstances arise which make you unable to fulfill your
obligation you must get in touch with the instructor immediately.
4 3 2 1 0 Weight
Introduction describes
the purpose of the
paper in a clear and
concise manner.
The introduction is
vague confusing or
irrelevant. The purpose
of the paper is unclear.
The introduction is very
confusing or irrelevant
OR no introduction is
x1 2
Relevant concepts are
used in a creative way
to offer a thoughtful
and insightful
sociological analysis of
Relevant sociological
theory and concepts
are used correctly
providing a careful
sociological analysis of
Relevant theory and
concepts are used
correctly. Discussion
demonstrates ability to
apply a sociological
perspective to
Sociological theory and
concepts are used in a
broad sense but there
is some difficulty in
applying a sociological
Sociological theory and
concepts are absent or
applied incorrectly.
x3 12
At least three relevant
sociological sources are
used to develop
arguments and extend
At least three
sociological sources are
used to support the
points made in the
At least three
sociological sources are
used in a general sense.
At least three academic
sources are used but
some sources are not
sociological or the
sources do not support
the discussion.
Insufficient academic
sources are used or
sources are
x2 8
Conclusion concisely
summarizes the central
points and suggests
areas for further
Conclusion summarizes
the central points of
the paper. Little
extension of the topic is
Conclusion is irrelevant
and does not
summarize the paper
OR no conclusion is
x1 2
Writing style
Writing style is clear
and concise. Each point
is developed logically
and the paper is easy to
Writing style is
generally clear and
concise with some very
minor areas of
A logical development
is evident but writing is
often unclear.
General ideas are
discernible but there
are significant concerns
in writing style.
Little organization or
clarity in the
presentation of ideas.
x2 8
Mechanics Very few spelling or
grammatical errors.
Many spelling or
grammatical errors. x1 1
Within-text citation
used correctly. All
references are listed in
proper ASA or APA
Some problems
referencing correctly.
Minor errors in the
reference list.
Many instances of
incorrect referencing.
Major errors in the
reference list.
x1 2
Total 35 35

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