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Due in 8 hours
Copy the template below into your discussion and answer each prompt. DO NOT ATTACH DOCUMENTS. They will not be read or scored. 
DO NOT submit material without the template and without answering the prompts one by one
For DB 2, using the TEMPLATE, please answer the following prompts:
Prompt 1: Choose one chapter between Chapter 14-17  in the Gilbert book that challenged and surprised you regarding what you thought about the chapter topic and families.
Fill in the answer using the fill in blank below:
Prompt 1. Chapter _____ on __________________(title of chapter) is the chapter that I learned something  surprising and valuable about regarding families, family members, family dynamics, and relationships.
In three complete sentences, with three specific examples, describe how you viewed families, family members, relationships in the past and begin with  “I thought/believed…”: (for example: in the past, I thought/believed that the individual who had a problem or issue was the problem and needed to be “fixed” and get help and problem would be solved.”).
Prompt 2. Use direct information from the Gilbert text by providing page numbers and direct quotes.
I provided a fill in the blank component below that you complete and then add the additional information to make it a minimum of 4 complete paragraphs of 7 lines or more each.
To complete the 4 paragraphs, use the three examples your provided above to fill in the blanks numbers (*1), (*2), (*3)
In 4 complete paragraphs of 7 or more sentences each, outline the information that challenged what you formally thought about families, and explain why reading this information this was valuable to you.
Find three separate examples directly from the Gilbert’s book  where she uses Bowen’s theory about the family, family members, family dynamics, and/or relationships.
Provide page numbers and quotations after each one, and provide detailed information that challenged you about what you formally thought/believed.
Paragraph 1/7 sentences:
Although I used to think/believe (*1) ________________ about families, family members, family dynamics, and relationships, after the reading the material from Gilbert on page _____,  Chapter ______,  I learned ___________.(quotation and page#)
Learning this has helped me to  _________________________.(paragraph here.)
Paragraph 2/7 sentences: I also learned that using Bowen theory, Gilbert notes that _________________ (quotation and page #) and that varies from what I believed which was (*2) _______________.
This was _____________ (valuable, useful, etc) information and reminded me that I ________________________
Paragraph 3/7 sentences: Finally, in chapter _______ , using Bowen theory, Gilbert postulates ________________  (quotation and page #) and this information was something I had  not considered because I had made my mind up that (*3)_______________________________.
Because I used to think _____________________ about families but have reviewed what Bowen theory proposes, this is valuable because it allows me to ____________________  and it made me realize ______________ having preconceived ideas about the families kept me from understanding or seeing ___________________ about families, family members, family dynamics, relationships.
Paragraph 4/7 sentences: In closing, Bowen theory, as outlined in the Gilbert book (summarize what you have learned from the book here), has informed me that _________________________________________ and this is useful to me because ___________________________________________

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