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Estimate task durations and determine tasks dependencies based on the list of WBS items from last week’sassignment. You may revise your WBS if it helps you demonstrate your knowledge of time/cost or if you now understand WBS concepts better and just want to make it better. I don’t expect accurate durations, but they should be reasonable and consistent with each other. Enter task durations and dependencies into MS Project or Project Libre. DO NOT ENTER ANY “Start Dates” other than the overall Project start. Identify the project’s critical path and how you will use this as a PM.Please create a folder that contains the .mpp file or ProjectLibre file and the SHORT write-up about your critical path. Zip the file and submit it as a SINGLE ITEM. Canvas apparently does not handle multiple submissions as well as Bb did. Depth of Thought will be based on the reasonability of the dependencies, and how well you thought through dependencies OTHER than basic F2S. In other words, if it looks like a “waterfall” with few/no concurrent tasks, your score will not be very high. Explanation of the critical path will be evaluated here. Tools and Techniques will be based on your schedule file and how well you used the software to develop details about the project. This is also where I will DEDUCT points for manually entering things like start dates instead of allowing the software to do this!

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