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Exam must be taken by October 20th at 6 PM (EST). How long is the test?The test has a time limit of 78 minutes.What is the format of the test?The test will be on LockDown Browser/Respondus Monitor.The test has 10 multiple-choice questions and each question is worth 10 points.Questions on the exam often include “plus or minus” language to account for modest effects from rounding. For example, if one possible answer is “$100 (plus or minus $1.00),” then a student would select that answer if they believe the solution to the problem is any number between (and including) $99.00 and $101.00. Similarly, a student would select an answer of “1.00% (plus or minus .02 percentage points)” if they believe the solution to the problem is any number between (and including) 0.98% and 1.02%. The correct answer to a multiple-choice question is the best answer. The term “best answer” refers to the answer that is most consistent with the material covered in class. Every question should have one answer that is clearly the “best answer” and the intention is to avoid ambiguity.What material does the test cover?The test covers all of Time Value of Money, part 3; all of Bonds; and all of Stocks. (Attachment provides this with solution to use for preparation and studying please note that the exam questions will be taken from these documents attached with exact question format just different numbers.)What should I study?The relevant test bank problems for Test 2 are:All problems for Time Value of Money, part 3 (1 – 48)
All Problems for Bonds (1 – 32)
All Problems for Stocks (1 – 47)
I really NEED to get 100% on this because my last quiz grade was completely messed up by a tutor. The documents attached have questions with solutions and the exam will take the exact questions from these documents and just change numbers.

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