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For this Assessment, you will be writing a business proposal to sell your idea of a tutorial that will resolve a specific problem you have identified. Topic: The tutorial you are proposing should be practical in that it is something you could actually deliver through a slide presentation or video that informs a specific audience how to complete a task. Therefore, it is ideal to choose a tutorial topic related to a process you already know or otherwise have personal knowledge about. This will also allow you to argue for your unique perspective on the topic. The topic should also not be too simplistic, especially since you want to reflect your unique perspective and insights. An example might be a persuasive proposal that motivates an audience to support the creation of a tutorial that shows homeowners how to install a new light fixture. Another example might be persuading an audience to support a tutorial aimed at teaching business professionals how to write a persuasive resume. Audience: The audience for this proposal is a group of potential investors looking to add tutorials to a subscription-based website that provides subscribers access to insightful and quality tutorials for a variety of professional and hobby topics. Since the audience will be business professionals, the tone and style should be formal. Content: There are specific sections and information that must be included in your proposal, though you are encouraged to include any other content that will help better sell your idea to the target audience. The proposal must be at least two-pages or 500-words long, not including the title page. The following content must be included: Title page – include the title of your proposal, your name, and the date. Proposal summary – one to three sentences describing the most important information contained in the proposal. Description – one or more paragraphs detailing the following information: The identified problem that will be resolved with the tutorial and any relevant background information; The specific audience who will likely access and use the proposed tutorial; A summary of the content of the tutorial, especially the content that will make your tutorial unique; The benefits the proposal audience will see by accepting your proposed tutorial idea. Qualifications – your bio that provides information about your experiences and knowledge that make you a good candidate for creating the proposed tutorial; this should be in paragraph format, not a list or resume. Conclusion – in a few sentences, wrap up the proposal in a way that reinforces why the audience should invest in your idea. The content must be informative, while still being persuasive in a way that influences the audience to take action and accept your proposal idea. Although research is not required, if you use any ideas or graphics from sources, APA citation format is required, both for in-text citations and references. The references page will not be included as part of the two-page/500-word requirement for the proposal. Standard English should be reflected throughout the writing. Margins should be 1 inch all the way around and the text font should be 12 point Times New Roman font. Minimum Submission Requirements: 2 pages (500 words), excluding title page and References page if appropriate Proposal summary, description, qualifications, and summary included If sources are used, they are cited in-text and in References page using 6th Edition APA format

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