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For this assignment, evaluate your community to identify a hazard that poses a particular threat to access and functional needs populations. Formulate plans for the evacuation and sheltering of a specific segment of that population in the event of a disaster. For example, if you identify a low-income area that is at risk of flooding, select a structure, such as a hospital, school, housing complex, or assisted living facility that would require special attention during the response and recovery phase of a disaster. Formulate plans for dealing with the population inhabiting the structure during and after a disaster.
Your plans should include the following (1,250-1,500 words):
Identify the population and structure and explain why you think they are especially at risk from the hazard you have identified.
Formulate plans for evacuating the population during the disaster. Who would be involved in the evacuation of this population? What special concerns would need to be addressed during the evacuation operation? How would evacuation plans be most effectively communicated to this population?
Formulate plans for sheltering the population in the immediate aftermath. Where could this population be safely sheltered in the short-term? What are the best long-term sheltering options for this population in the event of an ongoing recovery process? What specific challenges are involved with sheltering this population in both the short- and long-term? How might those challenged be addressed?
Describe social factors and social determinants that can influence disaster recovery. Develop recommended best practices for the possibility of sheltering people that may overburden the equipment and staff of the current shelter.
Comment on how well you think your community is currently prepared to evacuate and shelter special needs populations overall. Recommend two strategies your community should consider for improving its plans.

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