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Format: The final submission must be uploaded to the appropriate assignment drop box on our course website in a single, Word document. Please do not submit multiple files. Scoring: Submissions will be assessed based on the clarity, completeness, and accuracy of your answers. A lack of clarity in any answers will suggest to me that complete understanding of the material was lacking, and thus points will be deducted. Incorrect answers will result in a deduction of allocated points for that question or portion of a question. Assignment detail: Open the dataset titled “Assignment1Data.sav” in SPSS. There are five variables taken from a data set collected on a sample of grade schoolers who immigrated to the US. The sample is intended to be representative of the population of grade schoolers who immigrated to the US from North, Central, and South American countries. The variables are: • Age: age (in years) of grade school student (ratio) • Sex: sex of student (see value labels for more information) (nominal) • Country: country of origin (see value labels for more information) (nominal) • Education_enjoyment: scores on a scale measuring the degree to which the student enjoys education in the US (interval) • Education_achievement: scores on a scale measuring the degree to which the student has excelled academically in the US (interval) a) (4 points) For the age variable, develop and provide a single table that contains f, cf, rf, and rcf. Also, define in words f, cf, rf, and rcf. b) (2 points) Construct a table with f and rf for the Country variable. Why is it inappropriate to include cf and rcf in this table? c) (1 point) Chose two appropriate variables to describe through a bar graph. Provide the bar graphs using SPSS. d) (1 point) Create histograms of education_enjoyment and education_achievement. Which one follows more of a normal distribution? Explain your answer. e) (2 point) Create a box plot of the education_enjoyment variable. Describe in detail the distribution you see, including information about quartiles, outliers, and percentiles.

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