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“Grading Rubric for Epidemiology Assignment Criteria Points Possible Earned I Define Epidemiology Be thorough and include examples. Do not give a basic dictionary/Wikipedia definition. 10 II. ad Describe the differences between Analytical and Descriptive Epidemiology Reminder, “describe” is not “define” 10 III. Using your assigned infectious disease , utilize epidemiological principles and current data (no less than 5 years) to Describe where your disease originated Discuss current number of cases globally and in the United States. Be sure to include the dates for the most recent data available. 15 IV. Describe your assigned disease using the epidemiological triangle. Who is at greatest risk for becoming infected? Why? Describe how primary, secondary and tertiary measures apply to this disease 20 V Considering the number of cases, risk of becoming infected and potential for debilitation or death, do you believe this disease is being adequately researched and receiving the attention it deserves so more cases might be prevented? Support your answer. If you had an amazing opportunity to make recommendations to the CDC or world health organization regarding this disease, what would you recommend? (brief paragraph 20 VI Your paper must be written in APA format, and must include at least 4 recent (within 5 years) peer reviewed articles in addition to the Schoon et al manual. Be sure to include a complete reference list. Use headings as appropriate. Be sure to review and edit your paper for correct spelling and grammar. 5 TOTAL 80

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