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Health Humanities (due Jan 11) (Guidelines posted to Content. Be sure to read them!)SEE THE UPLOADED FILE!Please elaborate on what would be considered acceptable peer-reviewed sources for our term papers.Great question about peer-reviewed! I just love peer-reviewed sources and am glad you are asking about them. What you need to do is look out for the peer-reviewed logo in the DH search vehicle, what are you looking for today, on the library home page. Type in your topic, say, autism in media, and it will generate a lot of source links. Work on items that are indicated as peer-reviewed. Here is a sample of what that looks like on your screen:ARTICLENews Framing of Autism: Understanding Media Advocacy and the Combating Autism ActMcKeever, Brooke WeberlingScience Communication, 2013-04, Vol.35 (2), p.213-240This study explores agenda setting, framing, and the concepts of media advocacy and mobilizing information through content analysis of The New York Times and The Washington Post news coverage…PEER REVIEWEDOPEN ACCESSThat article is peer-reviewed and would therefore be suitable as a secondary source. For the primary humanities source, you would need to search an original humanities work (from the disciplines of literature, music, art, or philosophy) such as a poem about autism, a movie with an autism theme, an artwork by an autistic person, or a piece of music composed by an autistic person or featuring an autism theme. You would need to study the primary humanities source carefully and build an argument about it. You would also need to integrate the peer-reviewed secondary sources as part of your argument. The argument could be a comparison of the representation of autism in the humanities (e. g, symptoms, subjective viewpoints, contexts, issues, treatment) and in science. What differences to the humanities perspectives bring to the topic?
Requirements: .doc file

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