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Hello So this is a paper (APA FORMAT) that is based off of an “interview” you have done. DIRECTIONS Parent-Child Relationship Assessment Paper, 25 pointsDue by Friday November 20Finish reading the whole Siegel & Bryson book and Ch. 8 & 9 of the Bigner & Gerhardt book before you work on this paper because these are where your cited course knowledge needs to come from.Then interview a parent who has (or used to have) a child aged between five to 12. This can be your own parent. The interview should be about 40 minutes so you get enough data. Provide the interview questions ahead of time so the parent has more to share during the interview.The interview data will serve as the basis of your assessment while you write up the paper, so make sure you take good notes during the interview (or record it).Parent interview questions:1.What is your first name and what is your child’s first name, age and grade? (Fake names can be used in the paper if necessary.)2.How would you describe your child (now or when s/he was between ages 5 to 12)? 10 minlGive the parent some prompts during the interview so the three developmental domains can be covered in their answers. (See pages 173 & 198 of the Bigner & Gerhardt book)uPhysical domain: nutrition, health, physical abilities, high or low activity level, etc.uCognitive domain: problem solving abilities, thinking/planning/organization skills, general reasoning and understanding, decision making, ability to concentrate on work, school achievement and abilities, creativity, etc.uSocio-Emotional domain (general mood, personality, self-control, sense of responsibility, relationship with family members, friendships, etc.)3.What is/was/are/were positive about your relationship with your child? Mention one thing from EACH developmental domain. 10 min4.What is/was/are/were challenging while parenting your child?What have you learned from/about parenting your child? 10 minlEncourage the parent to give you several specific examples or incidents on the top of their head. Ask questions if there is anything unclear to you, as long as the parent is comfortable answering and sharing.lAsk about the child’s specific behaviors and the parent’s responses/behaviors during the incidents.5.If you were able to redo it, what and how would you change about your parenting behaviors? Please give specific examples. 10 minSee page 2 guidelines for how to write your paper based on your interview data and your course knowledge.Length requirement for essay: 5-7 double-spaced pages (not including title and reference pages)Provide a title page and a reference page by referencing your APA manual (or the posted APA booklet) and the APA checklist.Content of EssayPoints Possible2/3 – 1 pageBriefly introduce the parent’s first name and the child (i.e., first name, age, grade).Describe the child in three developmental domains. 31/2 – 2/3 pageDescribe the positive aspects in the parent-child relationship in three developmental domains. 22/3 -1 pageDescribe the challenging parenting areas and specific examples. 31 pageAssess the appropriateness of the parenting style and behaviors. Provide specific examples from the interview data.Paraphrase or quote the Bigner/Gerhardt and the Siegel/Bryson books, at least once from EACH book, to support your assessment. 42 – 21/3 pagesDiscuss parenting recommendations that would be helpful/appropriate for the child based on the child’s development and the challenges between parent-child relationship. Explain how the child’s development can be promoted.Paraphrase or quote the Bigner/Gerhardt and the Siegel/Bryson books, two times or more from EACH book, to support your recommendations.The paraphrased/quoted information needs to be on different aspects of the parent-child relationships. 81/2 pageConclusion: What have you learned from conducting the interview and writing this paper? What have you learned about parent-child relationships in general? 2Title page & reference page Correct APA style writing and citationsGrammar and punctuation3Total Points25LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS THANK YOU!!!

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