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Hi I have already chosen the 5 peer reviewed articles for this part of the paper. I have already done the first part. This part of the essay will require the method section to be completed in APA formatting. No plagiarism! videos below are what my teacher has provided for instructions:……Method: In previous semesters, I have required students to conduct a naturalistic observation to collect their data. This semester, however, I am adjusting the observation to include the use of media instead of going out into the community (it’s a pandemic thing). To collect your data, you will use a naturalistic observation approach utilizing two (2) different full length movies. Television sitcoms will not work for this assignment. You can choose two movies from the same genre (action, horror, mystery) or from two different genres. You must observe each video for a minimum of one hour and you must observe both movies for the same exact amount of time to collect your data. Please review Chapters 6 for the correct format. In the Methods section you will go into specific detail on how you ran your quasi-experimental design. Include specific details on who your participants were in the movie, how you collected your data, and the materials you used for documentation of that information. You must give very specific details for any technology used (i.e. iPhone 10, 2019 or MacBook Air, 2019).You will need at least two (2) variables for comparison. You can choose two different genders (male/female), you can choose two different age groups (adolescents/elderly), or you can choose two different genres of movies (action/love story; or comedy/drama, etc). Be specific when you describe your variables. Aim for approximately 100 individual hits (for example: approximately 4 different behaviors with about 25 observations each or 5 different behaviors with 20 observations each). This will help you to graph your results more easily. The Methods section is due on 10/17 and will include a cover page and reference page with the addition of the movie citations. Please see Citing Electronic Sources posted in Course Documents to help you with your citationsI can also post my first part of the essay if it is needed for you to familiarize yourself with the topic. She has also posted an example of the method section which I can provide if you need it!This research paper has multiple sections….. I need someone who is willing to pick back up in 2 weeks to do the next section. Thank you!!!!!

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