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HiGetting startedAccept the GitHub classroom assignment to create your git repository for the project. We will grade your project via the contents you push to the GitHub classroom repository.Create a local repository and add the GitHub classroom repository as a remote repository, per the instructions on GitHub or as described in lecture.Copy the starter files below into your local repository’s folderAlternatively, use the wget command to download each file directory inside your virtual machine.Put the Makefile and all source files in the root of the source code repository; there is no need to create a subfolder within the repository folder.Switch to your virtual machine and navigate to the local repository folder.Add and commit the starter files to your repository with git.Run make in your source folder to build the project, which should create the simplec program.If the build fails, double-check that you have all the starter files available in the directory.Run cat example.simplec | ./simplecRunning ./simplec without providing input will cause the program to stop and wait for input to stdin.If ./simplec is not found, be sure to prefix the program with ./ and be sure the make step above succeeded.More information….

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