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I need ten (10) of the following assignments.
Environmental scanning is a useful tool to create awareness and knowledge of how 
information relates to current environmental conditions. It is usually specific 
to a topic. For this course the topic is microeconomics, or any aspect 
of that topic that is discussed in the text. The process involves perusing and 
gathering articles from various media sources that pertain to that topic. The 
sources must be as reliable as possible and should be current (not more than one 
week old if possible). Sources can include all news web sites, business 
databases from the library web site, newspaper and magazine sites, and any other 
source that can provide up-to-date, reliable information. The article does not 
necessarily have to apply to any particular chapter information, it just needs 
to pertain to (micro)economics in some way. This should be specified in 
the summary and/or the impact statement. The whole purpose of this is to tie the 
text book to real life and to explain how the economy affects all 
of us in various ways. The process includes preparing a page of information that
includes the following:
1. The title of the article
2. The source of the article
3. The date of the article
4. The url for the article
5. The author of the article
6. A good, strong summary of the article
7. An explanation as to how the information in that article could possibly 
impact you, now or in the future.
This information can be transposed onto a word document and then deposited in 
the drop box whenever you decide to do this. These count 20 points each and any 
article over ten will count as extra credit. The criteria for grading these is: 
the article can be no older than 7 days, it must be from a reliable source, you 
much include all the information required, and the submission must have your 
name on it. If you are working with a team this can be a team project, so only 
ten are required by the entire team (not each person individually). If there are
any questions about this or if there is anything you do not understand, please
ask me and I will attempt to explain. 
Below is a sample:
Title of Article: More Restaurants Are Banning Tips. That Might Be A Good Thing.

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