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I’m working on a anatomy question and need support to help me study.Directions: Answer the following questions using complete sentences or retype the questions in your submission.1. How does a hormone initially activate a target cell?2. What is the main difference between the locations of the receptors for amino acid-based hormones and steroid-based hormones?3. List five main endocrine glands, and identify their locations.4. Name the two glands that control the nervous system.5. Name three hormones that are involved in the stress response and identify their function.6. Outline the role of the parathyroid glands in regulation of blood calcium levels.7. What hormone is secreted by the pineal gland, and what is the function of the hormone?8. How do feedback mechanisms help maintain homeostasis?9. How does negative feedback differ from positive feedback?10. Identify an antagonistic pair of hormones and describe their action.11. Why do you think the pituitary has two lobes?12. What is the purpose of hormone replacement therapy?13. Why might a problem with the pituitary gland affect many different parts of the body?14. Your friend says that he’s pretty sure that the adrenal medulla is controlled by hormones from the pituitary. Do you agree? Explain your answer.15. Outline the feedback mechanism involved in glucose metabolism. Is this feedback mechanism positive or negative?16. Positive feedback mechanisms are harmful to the body. Do you agree with this statement? Explain your answer.17. Goiter is a swelling of the thyroid gland, which is commonly caused by a lack of iodine in the diet. Why do you think a lack of iodine causes the thyroid to swell?Use the image of the feedback mechanisms to answer the two questions that follow.18. Identify three endocrine glands are involved in the feedback mechanisms shown in the figure.19. Identify four hormones involved in these feedback mechanisms. Requirements: normal   |   .doc file

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