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I’m working on a English writing question and need support to help me understand better.Here are the four editorials from which you will choose. Read them carefully to see which one you can argue with successfully for your editorial paper. It must be at least 750 words.1) Understand the editorial’s main points and most of its minor points. Why ?So you can explain them to your reader(s) in order to prove that the editorial is wrong in some way. 2) Assume the author of the editorial is intelligent and basically a good person. Why? So that you avoid ad hominem attacks (personal insults) and so you don’t underestimate the strength and/or appeal of the editorial. 3) Explain that you read an editorial—mention the title and author–and are about to criticize it.Why? So your reader will understand why you’re talking about this editorial. 4) Find one or more weaknesses in the editorial and fully explain them in your paper. Why? So that you prove that you are right and the editorial author is wrong.5) Don’t criticize the grammar or organization of the editorial.Why not? To be published, most writers train hard to develop their writing skills and then have their editorials strictly scrutinized by professional editors. The editorials may contain factual errors or may bad arguments, but rarely are they badly written.6) Support your assessment of the editorial topic with outside evidence. Why? So you are not making an argument based on your opinion only.Your opinion is worth no more than the editorial’s author.

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