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In response to the increased frequency of mass school shootings in the Unites States, law makers have begun to introduce legislation allowing and encouraging, teachers to carry guns in schools and in classrooms. President Trump has even suggested providing a financial ‘bonus’ for teachers who choose to do so. To date, there has not been enough research conducted in order to conclude whether, teachers carrying guns in the classrooms will achieve the intended goal of decreasing mass school shootings. The assignment aims to address this. You are required to compare States in which teachers are permitted to carry guns in the classroom, and States that have not adopted such legislation. Your comparison will include identifying the laws surrounding gun ownership in general for your chosen State, the rate of gun violence, and the frequency of school shootings (citing specifically their gun policies, and statistical information). You are to identify any relationship between gun policy and mass shootings. Once you have clearly illustrated any potential relationship, you are then to argue whether policies which will allow teachers to carry firearms in the classrooms, will achieve their intended goal of decreasing mass school shootings. Your argument should be based on the research you have just completed. DO NOT SIMPLY STATE YOUR OPINION. In addition, you are asked to highlight potential negative consequences of implementing such legalisation, and assess whether these consequences are worth the risk of allowing teachers to carry guns in the classroom. Technical requirements Minimum of five academic sources and 1800 words. Use APA style for your citations and references.

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