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In the Glucksberg and Vacco cases, was the Supreme Court correct, morally and constitutionally, in holding that the liberty interests and right of privacy protected by the 14th Amendment Due Process Clause should not be extended to guarantee a “right to die with dignity”? Discuss whether there should there be such a constitutional right protected by the US Constitution? If so, should this right include rights only to physician-assisted suicide or also to active euthanasia, and under what circumstances? (E.g. Only if one in a terminally ill condition? For any reason after age 75? For any reason any time after adulthood?) If there should not be such a constitutional right to die with dignity or determine the time of one’s death, then what are the controlling governmental and societal interests that outweigh a person’s freedom to control his/her own death? [Advice: Take into account and discuss as you think appropriate ‘The Philosophers’ Brief,’ and articles by James Rachels, Philippa Foot and other material discussed.]

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