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In this paper you will defend a position on the issue of whether human beings have free will and whether free will is compatible with determinism. The paper should accomplish the following: 1. Statement of the problem. Explain what the problem is. a. Define the key terms: determinism, libertarianism, and compatibilism. b. Explain the two definitions of free will: libertarian free will and compatibilist free will, and make clear how these two definitions bear on the question whether free will is compatible with determinism. 2. Defend one of the following three positions: a. Hard determinism b. Compatibilism c. Libertarianism 3. In defending your position you will need to defend what you think is the correct conception of free will—that of libertarianism or compatibilism, and defend your view concerning the issue of whether or not human beings are morally responsible for their actions and which definition of free will best accounts for moral responsibility. Explain which kind of freedom is necessary in order for people to be morally responsible for their actions. Your defense should include the following: a. At least one argument for your position (either hard determinism, compatibilism, or libertarianism. b. One serious argument against your position c. A rebuttal of the argument against your position. 4. Summarize you conclusion.

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