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Instructions: In this activity you will assess different coastal zone management options for twohypothetical Canadian coastal communities facing different hazard scenarios due to rising sealevels and storm hazards. In each case you should carefully reflect on the variety of coastalstabilization or adaptation approaches that you think would offer the best solutions for thecommunity in question. You should write ~200 words of text for each case including a clearexplanation of your selected strategies and the rationale behind them.Grading: The activity will be marked out of 6 points (3 points for each scenario). Marks areawarded for selecting appropriate measures that demonstrates you have reviewed the optionscarefully and for providing a convincing rationale for your choices.Scenario one: You are the resilience planner for a large coastal city that is home to 700,000people. The city is anticipated to face significant sea level rise and more intense storm surgesover the coming decades due to accelerated climate change. The SLR hazard planning analysisyou have recently undertaken shows that the downtown areas vulnerable to flooding by the endof the century contain land and buildings valued at $7 billion dollars. There is clearly a need toprotect critical infrastructures and vulnerable populations. However, the area at risk is alsomixed land-use and contains recreational areas, industrial land, undeveloped sites, and severalhigh-rise apartment blocks clustered behind a wide stretch of parkland. The mayor has askedthat you provide a list of coastal adaptation options for the different land-use zones. Which mixof options would you suggest and why?Scenario two: You live in a small Canadian tourist town that has recently seen the intensificationof storm activity resulting in significant damage to seafront properties and tourist sites. Yourown home has so far been unaffected but there is no barrier protecting it and it lies within thezone expected to be vulnerable to storm surges and flooding from SLR within the next 20 years.The town authorities have scheduled an urgent community meeting to discuss options to redesignthe community to face the inevitable impacts of sea-level rise and intensifying coastal storms.Which coastal management options would you suggest? As a resident facing potentialrelocation, which options would you be most willing to accept and under what terms andconditions?

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