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Leadership Paper Leadership Concepts Paper Meets BSN Program Student Learning Outcome #7: Integrate leadership concepts in the provision of high-quality nursing care Step 1 This is a professional APA formatted paper and requires inclusion of four scholarly references accessed through the course or library databases. Remember [paraphrasing] in-text citations will show your assimilation of the material found in this course. The American Organization of Nurse Leaders (AONL) is required for one of your references, and the remainder is your choice from any of the scholarly peer reviewed sources available in this course. This is a scholarly paper intended to demonstrate your ability to integrate leadership concepts and best practices discovered from the readings, and resources provided in this course [necessary] for the provision of high-quality nursing care. In addition will measure number seven of the BSN program and some of the course learning outcomes. This paper will include evidence to support your understanding of “leadership concepts” and current leadership theories to achieve best evidenced-based interdisciplinary team, patient, and organizational outcomes. Think of one former nursing situation where you were tasked to: prioritize and/or design and/or coordinate and/or manage patient care, and/or conduct your professional responsibilities. Explain the scenario in one paragraph and demonstrate what happened? It can be a good situation or one where you would have hoped for a better outcome. Based on this scenario critically examine your nursing practice. It is expected that you will objectively appraise this experience and examine how one or more of the leadership concepts and/or new knowledge learned thus far could have helped you to achieve a different outcome? or is a perfect example of what you have learned. Step 2 Critically Edit and Submit Paper to Turnitin Paper requirements (See Rubric for Guidelines) Title page and Reference page (No abstract required) APA style of writing (critically edited) prior to submission Headings as applicable Page limit Minimum of 2 to no more than 5 pages Maximum not including your title and reference page (Quality vs. Quantity) APA Reference page including a minimum of four references Rubric AONL Leadership Concepts Demonstrates integration of leadership concepts in the paper 10pts Nursing Situation Includes a brief description of a nursing situation and critically examines it related to Leadership concepts 10pts Student Learning Outcomes 1. Discuss prioritizing and delegation as it applies to nurse-client situations. 2. Apply critical thinking skills derived from preceding courses to decision-making and problem-solving in management and leadership situations. 3. Recognize the effects of personal communication on organizational outcomes and staff interpersonal relationships. 4. Explain the importance of the leader as a change agent in achievement of organizational outcomes. 5. Interact creatively and openly with others to solve problems to achieve client goals and outcomes. 20pts Meets BSN Program Learning outcome # 7 Integrate leadership concepts in the provision of high-quality nursing care 20pts Evidenced paper (Minimum of 4 Scholarly references) Incorporates Evidence from Course Resources, Scholarly peer reviewed articles found Databases, Articles, in addition to the Assigned Readings which demonstrate an understanding of current evidenced leadership practice 20pts Scholarly APA Paper (APA 7) Title Page, and Reference page, in addition to submission of a 2-5 page paper, APA Formatted in-text citations and reference Page, Writing evidence of Editing for Clarity, Spelling, Grammar and Turnitin Score below 25% per Syllabus 20pts

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