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LIST OF CONCEPTS OR THEORIES:Reuptake(2)Serotonin(2)Endocrine System(2)Cerebellum(2)Hippocampus(2 &8)Right/Left Brain Specialization(2)Gender Identity(5)Maturation(4)Piaget’s theory of Cognitive Development(4)Secure or Insecure Attachment Theory(4)Parenting Styles(4)Erikson’s Identity vs Role Confusion(4)Kohlberg’s Moral Thinking(4)Kubler Ross Stages of Grief(4)Classical Conditioning(7)Generalization(7)Operant Conditioning(7)Observational Learning(7)Rehearsal(8)Spacing Effect(8)Interference(8)Mnemonic devices(8)Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory(9)Sternberg’s Intelligence theory(9)Intelligence Quotient (IQ)(9)Emotional Intelligence(9)Instinct Theoryof Motivation(10)Arousal Theoryof Motivation(10)Drive Reduction theory of Motivation(10)Maslow Hierarchy of Needs(10)General Adaption Syndrome(11)Stress Management(11)

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