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part 1Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: Consider the following scenarios and ways you can improve your listening skills.Meetings – What are some signs that your audience members may not be listening? What are some ways to help the audience members focus in meetings and presentations?Group Communication – How can public speakers show others they are listening in a group situation? What are some ways to give feedback on what is being communicated by group members? Why is it important to help everyone in a group feel they are being heard?Public Speaking – What cues can an audience give you to show they are listening? How can you encourage your audience to tune in and listen to what you’re saying? What role might visual aids play in the listening process?part 2Review the feedback you received from your peers during Weeks 3 and 4. If you did not receive feedback from classmates, use feedback from the instructor and your own self-assessment.Write a 175- to 350-word reflection that contains responses to the following questions:What role do peer review and critique play in effective presentations?
What are some constructive presentation and speech critique methods?
How do you plan to implement your classmates’ suggestions in future school or work presentations?
How do you plan to incorporate the successful practices you have observed in your classmates’ presentations into your future presentations?
What are some effective group presentation methods or skills?
part 3Refer to the following Bongo™ tutorials:How to Complete Individual Project
How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation on a Single Screen
Create an 8- to 10- slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, then record a 5- to 7-minute video within Bongo™ giving your presentation. Your presentation should include the following:A description of what makes an effective listener
An explanation of why listening skills are important for effective presentations
A description of common symptoms of poor listening skills
A description of at least two methods for improving one’s listening skills
Effective use of research to support your ideas
Sources cited according to APA guidelines

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