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Please answer the following Short Answer questions. The Short Answers should be clear and concise to address the main points of each topic as discussed in the subsequent weeks with a minimum of 250 words. An associated diagram/graph should be drawn (student-created) or included from the internet (please include the URL) to help clarify any of your points. Utilize the checklist below to assist with completion of each essay answer:
10 points: The information was correct and the main points of the topic were explained appropriately
5 points: A personal example or an application was included which effectively helped to strengthen the topic’s points.
5 points: Inclusion of an appropriate diagram/graph to enhance the topic’s points. The diagram/graph could be student-created or an image from the internet (please include the URL).
5 points: No grammatical and/or spelling errors.
5 points: Minimum of 250 words met per Topic answer.
Short Answer Topic #1: 
• Explain the muscle length-tension relationship
Short Answer Topic #2: 
• Describe the alternative pathways for forming ATP for skeletal muscles
Short Answer Topic #3: 
• Compare and contrast the skeletal muscle fiber types
Short Answer Topic #4: 
• Explain the actions of Vasopressin and Oxytocin 
Short Answer Topic #5: 
• Explain the actions of Thyroid Releasing Hormone and Thyroid Stimulating Hormone 
Short Answer Topic #6: 
• Explain the actions of Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone and Adrenocorticotropic hormone.

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