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Please numerated the answers.
Professor Jones has finished teaching his computer technology class at the college that has ended at 9:30 pm. After class is over and everyone has left, he exits the building and hears a loud sound, which he thinks, might be an automobile crash. Proceeding to the parking lot, he sees it is deserted except for two cars that have apparently collided with each other. As he approaches, he sees a lot of damage to both cars. One driver is conscious, exits the car and is holding his bleeding arm as he tries to look at the damage. He appears dazed and confused. The other driver is not moving, slumped over the steering wheel and appears to be unconscious.
Written Questions
Is Professor Jones obligated to help in this situation and why or why not? (1 point)
Does Professor Jones need to have permission to help from: (2 points)
a.. Conscious Victim
b. Unconscious Victim
3. Should Professor Jones call for professional help? (1 point)
4. If Professor Jones is trained in first aid and has permission to help the victims,
what guidelines should he follow? (1 point)
5. If Professor Jones is trained in first aid and begins to give care, can he stop? (1 point)
6. Professor Jones has obtained permission to help the conscious victim, and has noticed that the victim has a bone protruding from his bleeding arm. He tries to put the bone back in place by pulling on the arm when the victim cries out in pain and says he can no longer feel his arm. What possible action could Professor Jones face? (1 point)
7. Professor Jones has obtained permission to help the conscious victim and is trained in first aid. As he begins to apply pressure on the wound, the victim cries out, “Stop! Don’t touch me!” Does Professor Jones have to stop since he initially had permission to help? (1 point)
8. Professor Jones is trained in CPR/ first aid. As he looks at the unresponsive victim in the car, he does not see the chest rise an fall. He suspects the victim has stopped breathing. However, he decides to leave the victim in the car and wait for advanced medical personnel because he dos not have a CPR mask or breathing barrier with him. What possible legal action could Professor Jones face? (1 point)
9. When Professor Jones initially asked the responsive victim with the bleeding arm for permission to help, the victim refused. Within a moment, the victim fell to the ground unresponsive and appeared to have stopped breathing. Can Professor Jones now help the victim or dos he have to wait for professional help to arrive? (1 point)
10. When is a person obligated to give CPR?

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