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Please provide a 4-page critique of the session using the following outline:
1. The theoretical orientation of the therapist observed (Provide a succinct overview of the primary focus and goals of the chosen counseling approach)
2. Body language/demeanor of the therapist
3. The therapist reflected the child’s feelings (Provide at least 3 examples of responses)
4. Other techniques/language the therapist used (Provide at least 3 different techniques and include 3 specific examples for each technique)
5. Your overall reactions and at least 3 things you would do differently
6. Significant learning
This is an 8years old child with ADHD whose parents believes behavior is out of control. Please observe the boy’s body language, signs, voice and words, also the observation of parents dialogues with Dr. Phill and also recommendations of Dr. Lawlis all in the links below. These are very short videos, ranging from 1-4min long.

Criteria to follow:
1. Theoretical Orientation is described.
2. Body Language/Demeanor of the therapist’s (Dr. Phill) body Language described
3. Reflecting Child’s Feelings three examples be provided.
4. Other Techniques/Language the Therapist used, three techniques and three examples for each technique provided
5. Your Reactions, self-awareness, describes reactions to the session, and 3 things you would do differently.
6. Significant Learnings insight and describes knowledge gained through the session observation.
Consider one of these Tech Details are in the ppt attached
1. Brain development/ Neuroscience
2. Cognitive development (Piaget)
3. Social-emotional development (Gesell)
4. Psychosocial development (Erickson)
5. Moral development (Kohlberg)
6. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and Treatment
Child and Adolescent Development & Counseling Process chap 3,4,5,6
Family Therapy chaps 2,12, 16

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