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Today, it is easier than ever to connect with friends or family at any time of day.  However, some would argue that rather than increasing intimacy, the internet is causing our relationships to suffer.  In what ways does social media actually diminish connections between people?  
HINT:  This is a question about the effects of social media.  You may consider relationships between people, our overall connection as a society, or both.  Remember that you MUST use evidence from the class readings and video.
Get your prompt by starting the quiz at Essay 3 get prompt here.  Your essay is due 3 hours after you receive your prompt; you will record your start time when you get your prompt.
Type your paper in Word or similar, following MLA Format.  I suggest that you format your Word document before you begin.  The font for the whole paper (including the header) should be Times New Roman!  Be sure you allow time to revise and proofread.  
Submit your paper as attachment using the red submit assignment button.  Canvas will run the plagiarism check automatically; there is nothing you need to do.  You will only be able to submit once.  
Writing guidelines:
This is a cause and effect essay, but you still need to argue that the causes or effects you discuss do contribute to or stem from the issue being discussed.  For example, don’t just say that pollution contributes to global warming; show me “here’s how pollution contributes to global warming.”  Don’t say that global warming is causing more wildfires; show me “here’s how global warming causes wildfires.”  Your thesis must directly address the prompt.
Your essay should have an introduction with a clear thesis, 2-3 well-developed body paragraphs, and a conclusion.  Counter argument is not specifically required for this paper, but you must have it to get a score of excellent in the body paragraph category of the rubric.  For a cause and effect essay,  I recommend countering one point rather than countering at the thesis level.  
You may use your own experience in supporting your argument, but you must also appropriately cite at least 2 pieces of evidence from our readings.  You may use any combination of the Zhuo and Baker-Kline readings and the Turkle video.  (Cite as Turkle, using the title of her presentation as the title.  Remember that you can use the Transcript button to read her presentation.)  If you do not use evidence from our sources, it will significantly impact your score.  Do not cite sources that we have not studied in class.  Papers with evidence of plagiarism from outside sources will receive a zero.

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