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ReadChapter 4 (power point to go with chapter 4) are the responsibilities of the actors and the directors? How are they alike and how are they different?How are the acting traditions of the east and the west different? How are they similar?What are the Unities and who is Saxe-Meiningen, How was this a bit of a revolution?Who is Stansilavski?Who is Lee Strasberg?Who is Stella Adler?Who is Sanford Meisner?What are the principle differences between these theatre luminaries? What are the similarities?What is the difference between the modern director and the traditional directorWhat is blocking? What is composition in regards to the theatre?What do YOU think would be the hardest aspect of directing?What do you think the hardest aspect of acting would be?What surprised you the most about acting? What was different than what you thought it was?The 9 questions Uta Hagen developed are primarilay aimed at helping the actor do what? What other

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