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short question:Please address the following questions:What is research?
What purpose does research serve? Why do research?
How is research used in your writing?
There are no right or wrong answers. Address the questions based on your experience with research in the academic and professional contexts in which you’ve encountered it.Activity:This activity asks you to analyze a report that uses research to accomplish its purpose.Pick one of these reports to analyze:Research_Clean Air_Exemplar
Research_Inclusive Ed_Exemplar
Research_Substance Use_Exemplar
As you skim the report, focus on the research included in each section. As you do, answer the following questions:What is the purpose of the report?
What types of research do you see in the report? (Think back to Ch. 2 from Just Enough Research.)
How is the research being used? How does the research contribute to the achievement of the report’s purpose?
Which sections have the most research? Why do you suppose that is?
Your analysis of the report should develop a sense of the role of research in professional and technical documents, which will prepare you for conducting that type of research as you complete your own work.Please submit your analysis here as a Word document

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