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The assignment description reads:
Compare and contrast this weeks films. Ghost in the Shell and Evangelion 1.0. Support your writing with references to the reading:
Susan Napier, “Ghosts and Machines: The Technological Body,” in Anime from Akira to Princess Mononoke: Experiencing Contemporary Japanese Animation (2001), pp. 85-102.
Susan Napier, “Doll Parts: Technology and the Body in Ghost in the Shell,” in Anime from Akira to Princess Mononoke: Experiencing Contemporary Japanese Animation (2001), pp. 103-116.
Make sure you:
Have a thesis or central idea on which to construct your argument. Make sure your thesis relates to themes from the reading.
Compare the two films directly. Often this is handled by talking about one film in one paragraph, the other film in a second paragraph, and the comparison of the two in the third paragraph. However, you must use a connecting idea (theme) that is introduced in an introductory paragraph. What you DO NOT want to do is talk about each film individually and then simply mention them in a conclusion.
This does not have to be a full essay but make sure you have a coherent and thoughtful argument in your post.
Make sure you are NOT analyzing the films at the referential level! You must be at the explicit/implicit or symptomatic levels. You do not need to state which level you are writing at, sometimes you might us more than one. For example, you might include both implicit and explicit analyses in your argument.
If you need any more resources let me know. You only need t really reference one of the readings. They are the same, but just different chapters. Thank you!

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