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The Brain and Cranial Nerves AssignmentThis is Phineas. Phineas has had a very bad day since he was stabbed 5 times in the head…. follow the image attached Each one of the colorful dots on the skull designates the location of a stab wound. The corresponding arrow (they match in color) shows how deep the stab would went and the angle at which it entered his skull. So you have the bright red and blue anterior stab wounds and the dark red, green, and purple lateral stab wounds. For EACH of the 5 stab wounds you will need to determine the following: 1. Which lobe of the brain (if any) did that stab wound pierce and what cognitive or behavioral differences would occur as a result assuming he lived through them.2. Which of these pierced the cerebellum? Which portion of the cerebellum was pierced and what behavioral difference would that cause? Did it pierce both hemispheres?3. Determine which of these stab wounds pierced either the midbrain, brainstem, or diencephalon. For the one(s) that did, determine which section was pierced and what the behavioral side effect would be.4. Determine which of these stab wounds pierced a ventricle. For the one(s) that did, determine which ventricle(s) were pierced and the overall effect that would have –> hint – think about what the ventricles hold and what would happen if it suddenly emptied into the brain5. Determine which of these stab wounds severed a cranial nerve. For the one(s) that did, determine which CNs were severed and what effect that would have on him.6. Oops… he died… which one of these stab wounds was the most likely one to kill him and why?

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