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The Jungle by Upton Sinclair The Jungle was published in 1906. Public reaction was swift, and calls for reform of the meat packing industry were immediate. Since public consumption of meat products dropped considerably, the government had to react. The Meat Inspection Act was passed in the same year. Answer ONE of the following, and answer in a complete essay. Your essay is worth 100 pts. Your essay must be a minimum of one page, single-spaced, in 10 pt. Times Roman font. Do not use outside sources for this paper, the book is sufficient. Do not use a header on your paper (name, date, professor’s name, class). 1) As the book progresses, what changes Jurgis’ views on the American “dream” (you probably want to define what exactly is the “American dream”)? Who bears the responsibility for Jurgis’ life of crime…himself or society? 2)What role do reformers and political representatives play in Jurgis’ life? Do they affect his life for the better or worse? Explain with details.

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