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The paper will require you to make an argument that relies in turn upon the arguments and evidence presented in the readings and lecture for this course. That means that you do not need to do any additional research for this paper. You should cite at least four different sources. More is generally better, but not at the expense of deeply engaging with the readings. When in doubt, focus on conveying a deep understanding of fewer sources rather than adding in throwaway sentences to increase the number of citations. Note that you do not have to personally agree with the argument you make; in fact, students often find that their personal opinion shifts back and forth over the course of writing the paper!For the paper to make an argument, you will need to take a stand for or against a statement and then provide evidence to substantiate your choice. The more evidence you can marshal in your favor, and the more compellingly you can rebut the claims of the other side, the stronger your argument will be. Note that you must do both to have a strong argument. Only stating evidence in favor of one side makes a paper weaker than one that can persuade the reader while acknowledging the strengths of the other side and its own limitations. A common format for argument papers is Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis. What this means is that you will state your argument and the evidence in support of it first. Then you will provide the strongest possible version of the arguments against your side. Finally, you will show how the other side’s claims are either weaker than your own, or can be integrated (synthesized) with your own, and what the reader should take away as a result. As you are only relying on the readings and lectures for this class, the citation style will be informal, and you do not need to generate a bibliography unless you draw upon sources not used in class. By informal, I mean you can use the following parenthetical style: “De Beauvoir claims that… (De Beauvoir, 29)” or “As Sojourner Truth argues… (Lecture, 10/16/2020).” Again, you do not need to create a bibliography unless you use sources from outside class (e.g., news articles, readings in other classes, etc.).PAPER TOPICSOption #1: IntersectionalityRespond to the following claim:“An intersectional approach is the best way to understand women’s political preferences and needs.”Recall that whichever side you take, you will need to make (and rebut) the arguments of the other side.Option #2: RepresentationRespond to the following claim:“In politics, a woman can better represent other women than a man can.”Recall that whichever side you take, you will need to make (and rebut) the arguments of the other side.Option #3: “Choose Your Own Adventure”If you select this option, identify a statement or question, like those above, that relates to the topics covered in this class. Your ability to undertake this option will be subject to approval upon receipt of your one-page proposal. Regardless of your topic (and assuming your topic is approved), you must nonetheless draw primarily on readings and lectures from this class. The paper must also make an argument, just like the other options. This means that approaches like autobiography are not a good match for this assignment.

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