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These are final questions and I will attach two files to get answers from You can find the answers easily in the final guidline file and also the full subject text. Don’t copy but paraphrase the answer in your own words and add more if needed. The professor is expecting full and complete answers.3. Define the four major types of exchange systems and provide an example of each from a societyother than our own (USA). How are each of the four integrated into our (USA) economicsystem?4. Define and discuss the three basic approaches to Applied Anthropology as discussed in class.5. What is magic? How is it related to religion? Provide at least two examples of magic fromFourth World societies. Provide at least one more example from our (USA) society.6. List and define the four major levels of political organization defined in class. Outline theprimary criteria for each and provide at least one example (name of group and geographiclocation) of each level.7. What is the relevance of Anthropology in today’s world? Provide at least three reasons, withexamples, of why we should study other societies.8. What is Unilinear Cultural Evolution? Who proposed it? What was its major contribution? Whatwere some of its weaknesses?9. Marriage is a cultural universal, each society practices some form of it. What are the major formsof marriage (as discussed in class)? What are the functions of marriage?10. What are the biases with which anthropologists have to deal? How do anthropologists impact thesocieties they study?

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