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This video series is one of the most important for this period in our course.The Medici Family play a big part in the history of the Renaissance.1, In this assignment I want you to watch the video.2. Take some notes on the important ideas in the video. The names and places and main events.3. Answer my Questions. Answer them in the most complete way that you can. Look for other sources of information to complete your answers.4. If you need to illustrate your ideas include images. I am looking for college level answers. Think about your answers as if you were trying explain the answer to someone else in the class.Question One1. The Medici family found the answer for one of the big questions in Florence. What was this? What did they do to fix it? Who was involved?2. The idea of Humanism played a big part in the Renaissance. What is Humanism? What was humanism’s role in the changes going on in this period?3. The art world was changed by the invention of perspective. Who invented thismethod? How was it invented? How did this change the art of the Renaissance?_————————-]secund assigmentQuestions about the RenaissanceThe Greatest domed building in the world in 1550AD was in Istanbul.What was the name of this cathedral?What was it in it’s first life?Who was the architect of the new Mosque?When did the Ottoman Turks conquer Constantinople?Who was Suleiman?In Rome there was a new church being built also.What church was this?Who was this architect of this new church?Where did his ideas for this new church come from?Who took over to finish the church after the first architect died?There was a competition going on between these two new buildings. What was the competition about?What is ‘invenio’?Which architect won the competition?How did Cellini save his famous sculpture of Judith?What did Cellini say about his saving it?The video show’s the artist Damian Hearst. He is a contemporary artist. What is the name of his sculpture and how long did it take to comp[lete?

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