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Topic: Symbolic theory is better than conflict theoryFor this assignment, you must research symbolic theory and conflict theory. It should be written why conflict theory is better and more useful. A screenshot of the book used for this course is attached belowAssignment Description (750 – 1000 words): Students will compose an essay that presents an arguable position about an issue regarding the self and personal agency, as they are interpreted in global contexts (DSS 200.3). The goal of a position paper is to convince the audience that the argument/position presented is valid and worth listening to. This is an academic, formal essay written to an academic audience. The essay will be formatted as in APA style as a “student paper” in Calibri 11 font, with a minimum of 3 academic sources.Assignment Requirement In class, we have discussed theoretical explanations of human behavior through approaches of critical and conflict theorists and theories of symbolic interactionism as well as structural functionalism. Keeping two of these, critical and conflict theories and symbolic interactionism in mind, write a paper that states your position in regards to which of these theories explains best human behavior in global societies.As a position paper, the purpose of the paper is for you to provide your audience with your argument while also addressing the opposing side. A few questions to keep in mind when writing your paper include but are not limited to: Why is theory X best suited to explain human behavior in global societies? How? Why are other theories not as effective?You must provide specific examples of human behavior around the world to support your points. Thus, your paper must rely on your DSS 200 iBook chapters, case studies and class discussions, your course reader (Born a Crime by Trevor Noah), knowledge of the role of social institutions – family, education, economy, religion, etc. as well as outside research. Use these as relevant and appropriate for your paper. You must submit your work via Canvas. Remember to cite your sources in-text. In-text citations should match what is on your reference page. Reminders: Your assignment will automatically be submitted to Turnitin when you submit it in Canvas. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you submit it a day or two early to help you determine if all material has been properly cited.

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