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Use a lay -person (non-medical terminology) answer to these questions and use a diagram when specified. Imagine teaching 5th graders about the effect of heart disease on the nervous system. Minimum 30 words per question answered in APA format, as listed below in proper paragraph per question. Minimum 5 references.
TOPIC: How does Heart Disease affect the nervous system.
1 – Describe parts of the nervous system from large organs to small cells
2- Describe heart disease (use CDC reference)
3- Describe how major organs are affected by disease (Use picture reference)
4- Describe how essential function are affected by disease
5- Describe the importance to overall health a nervous system is affected by disease
5- What are contributing factors of diseases of the nervous system
6- What is the nature of dysfunction in the nervous system
7-What are the effects on the other systems of the body
8-What is one genetic factor of the disease
9A-What are two lifestyle factors that contribute to the onset of the disease.
B-Lifestyle #2
10A-What are two preventative actions people can take to reduce their risk factor of getting disease
B-factor #2 –
11A-What are two environmental elements that contribute to the onset of disease
B-environmental factor #2 (air quality, chemicals in products, food quality, GMO’s etc.)
12A – What are ways treatment of the disease negatively impact the environment?
B-examples are: medical waste, radiation, production of electricity, air pollution)

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