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With reference to the “Close Reading Guidelines” distributed and discussed in class, attempt a close reading of ONE of two possible passages. I chose the “death of Hector” (Iliad 22.307-432, by Fagles’ line numbering) Remember to follow the guidelines: i) annotate the text, ii) look for patterns in the text, iii) ask questions about those patterns, and iv) formulate a thesis that accounts for those patterns. Then work backwards: use that thesis statement to structure an argument that addresses the central questions you posed by adducing the evidence you found in the process of reading. Some basic thoughts to consider: What is the poem attempting to convey in this passage? How does it accomplish this? Think especially about the characterization of the two primary actors, whether Achilles and Hector or Achilles and Priam. In what ways are the characters similar? In what ways does the poet differentiate them? What language does the poet associate with the characters? Do these passages look back to earlier moments in the poem? To do this assignment well, you absolutely must quote directly from the text and explain how you understand the meaning of those specific words, phrases, sentences. Please submit the essay as a pdf. Use a standard 12-point font, double-spaced and with standard margins. Use either MLA or Chicago Manual of Style for citations. The class is greaco-roman tradition evolution, and reception Use the illiad as your one source and another source or two for good measure 🙂 I need an 80 on this cause im already losing 20% for handing it in late .

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