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Write a 1,250-1,500-word essay using at least two course resources (textbook, topic overviews, the Bible) 
Begin your paper with an appropriate introduction, including a thesis statement to introduce the purpose of the paper.
Organize your paper with the following sections, using the seven underlined titles for subheadings.
This topic’s assignment is a formal essay. It is one of two benchmark assignments in this course and it will be graded with much higher expectation than the worksheets. This means that you will want to carefully read and follow all assignment directions including these. You will also want to remember that this essay is about the Christian Worldview and not about you, so do not use first person in this essay. I have prepared a template for you to use and it is one of the files attached to this post. Do not use the example essay provided in the assignment directions! You will want to be sure to use this template since it will help you to address each of the main questions of this assignment, improve your grade, make this assignment a little easier to complete, and I require it. Be sure to remove the template directions but leave the headings. Always observe the word count requirements for the assignment. Never go under the word count, and do not go over more than 10% of the maximum required word count. With an essay it is very important to take the time to carefully read, re-read, and think about the assignment before starting the assignment.
Please keep in mind that:
You will also want to include an Introductory paragraph, a concluding paragraph, a thesis statement and a reference page with at least 2 sources from the course material and 2 scholarly sources 
Never use a dictionary, encyclopedia or Billy Bob’s Blog as a source in an academic paper. This includes, quora and other websites.
Do not use bullet points, letters or numbers in your essay since an essay is not a to-do list.
Never refer to yourself in an academic paper by using first or second person pronouns.
Remember that this essay is about the Christian Worldview and not your worldview, other than the section that is provided for you to explain your own worldview.
Use at least 2 sources from your assigned reading material and 2 scholarly sources from the GCU Library. Include the permalinks for Library sources.
IF you want to use the Bible as one of your 2 required sources from course material, it must be properly formatted and listed in your reference page.
This essay focuses on what the Christian Worldview believes as taught by this course and the textbook. The result is that you want to focus on what you have learned from your assigned textbook reading assignments and not your own interpretation, beliefs or the internet.
Please follow the assignment directions especially about the sources that you are to provide.
Be sure to use the template that is attached to this message and remember to remove the template directions but leave the headings.

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