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1. My learning goals for the essay (separate paper) -Define the most important things you would like to learn by writing the essay or making the interview and save them here. 2. Essay: How would you develop the mental health services of your (or any other) country? As a future health policy-maker make a functional plan. Do not forget the real life provisions! Please read the detailed instructions (link above) before writing the essay. When you are preparing the essay, notice also the next task: Self-assessment of the essay. Instructions (also attached): The topic of the essay is: Developing mental health services. In writing the essay, use academic style and please try to answer the following questions: • Why are mental health services important? • What kind of information is needed when planning mental health services? • Who are the stakeholders (and other people) that have to be involved in planning mental health services? • How can you define good quality in mental health services? • Add a short description of what is the current state of mental health services in the country you have chosen. Please use scientific literature or governmental or other official information of the services when writing this description. For most countries, The “Mental Health Atlas-2011 country profiles” in the internet pages of WHO will provide basic information necessary for this description. • Define the goals for developing the services further. Discuss the aternatives, how to achieve these reformations. There are some basic references for you in the Moodle. At least three of them must be used in the essay (it is okay to use them all, too). You may also need additional references which you must find yourself. You can also use a Google search engine but please use the Google Scholar. Avoid plagiarism: read the references thoroughly but use your own words to describe their contents. Use a citing system (any system will do, as far as you use it systematically). Here are some useful links Links for learning how to use references in your essay: Here you can find an examples of using a citing system: Here you can find a tutorial on academic writing in: English: Requirements for the essay • The recommended length of the essay is 10-15 pages. It is, however, the content of the essay that counts, not the length. Please, limit your text to max. 15 pages! • At least five references must be utilized when writing the essay and they must be cited correctly in the text and mentioned in the reference list. • The essay must be divided into main and subchapters, so that the contents are organized into a logical entity. • In addition to page numbers on each page, the essay must include a separate title page and separate pages for the table of contents and literary sources (references). The title page includes the writer’s name, Student ID number and email address, as well as the essay title and the date, and also the course title. 3. Evaluate your essay (separate paper). First check the targets and goals you set before writing. Second evaluate what you have learned according the learning scale below. Give reasons for your opinion and save your justification here! Stamp: The key concepts and principles of the development of mental health services are described in the text. At least one of them are discussed in the text. Hopefully at least one idea for development of mental health services. Sticker: The key concepts and principles of the development of mental health services are described clearly in the text. The different aspects of developing mental health services are discussed in the text. New ideas for renewing mental health services are arisen for further developing. Rosette: The key concepts and principles of the development of mental health services are described clearly in the text and their relevance is discussed in the relation to the writer’s plan or development plan proposed by the interviewee. The different aspects of developing mental health services are discussed. The detailed developing program or action plan is introduced and indicators for the evaluation for the success of the plan is discussed. I WILL SEND THOSE MOODLE REFERENCES EXAMPLE VIA MESSAGES, BECAUSE THERE IS ATTACMENT LIMIT HERE.

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