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A‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‍‌‍‍ssignment task: Communicative plan in building partnership with families and communities Details of task: This assignment requires a detailed plan of how you form partnerships with families and communities using the theory and approaches covered in this unit. The communication plan will include: 1. Introduction: what are professional partnerships and why they are important for education? (about 500 words) 2. Main discussion: (about 2000 words) What are the main components of the plan, including theoretical models or approaches utilised? Why are these components chosen? How will be they implemented? 3. What are the possible challenges that may be faced and strategies in addressing those challenges? (about 1000 words) 4. Conclusion: Write a critical ‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‍‌‍‍submission of how you would assess the success of this plan, include some ideas for future research. (about 500 words) 5. References Hornby’s Description of 6 Models of Engagement (focussing on the Partnership Model) Hornby’s Guidelines for Implementing Parent Involvement Activities Hornby’s Skills for Effective Parent Involvement Ewing(2012) mathematics funds of knowledge Dunst and Trivette’s Family Centred Practice Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory (chapter 1) Children families and communities chapter 6 & 16 Clarke and Denton’s SpICE Model Epstein’s Theory of 6 Types of Involvement Family-School-Community Systems Model (Dearing, Sibley and Nguyen (2015) from Sheridan (2015), Chapter 2.) Please find attachments. Tha‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‍‌‍‍nk you so much!

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