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Although similiar in instructions as your other two literary essays, your Essay Assignment # 3 will differ in length. Your literary analysis should be between 3 ½ and 4 pages (3 pages IS NOT 3 ½ pages. If you do not reach a minimum of 3 ½ pages, you did not develop the essay enough to give substantial evidence of your understanding of the novella). This total does not include the Works Cited page. Your literary analysis essay will be on ONE of the topics below The essay must be double spaced, in Times New Roman, and 12-point font and must include: A clearly articulated thesis that states, somewhere in your introduction, the assertion (position, interpretation) that your paper will prove An introduction, a minimum of three (3) body paragraphs, and a conclusion At least four quotes from the story itself that are integrated into your discussion Topic sentences that focus the discussion in the body paragraphs Details, with specific examples from the novella with explanations in the body paragraphs that clearly support your thesis Clear connections between ideas from paragraph to paragraph and within paragraphs Proper MLA style format in the heading, in the in-text citations, and in the Works Cited page Works Cited page Standard usage, grammar, and mechanics IMPORTANT INFORMATION: You will submit your final draft through the Turn-it-in drop box designated for this purpose in the course. Please be aware, that although Turn-it-in does allow for similarities for quotations up to 24% of your paper, any similarity above 24% is considered too high for an original paper and will be flagged as plagiarism; thus, your paper will earn a zero. There are a lot of free and tempting essay online. Imagine of another student submits the same exact essay as you? Do not be tempted to plagiarize from an online source. Remember, turn-it-in will pick up all internet copied material from all online database ever uploaded on the World Wide Web. You can get help with your paper at any of the campus writing centers (see the link in the course with this information), and you can also receive online help via SmartThinking, the online tutoring service provided by the College. This service is available by clicking on SmartThinking in the left-hand menu bar of the course under Tools & Resources. In The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, the protagonist finds himself alienated from his surroundings. Analyze the ways the main character, Gregor, in a nearly unbearable situation, reacts to what is happening around him. How would you characterize the relationship between Gregor and his sister Grete at the opening of the novel? How are they like and unlike each other? What seems to bond them together so closely? What is the new nature of the relationship between Grete and Gregor as they evolve throughout Part Two? How does each of them think about their relationship now? What is your own reaction to this evolution in their relationship? Talk about the theme of death in Part Three. Think about the different ways death is alluded to even prior to Gregor’s death, and discuss what Kafka seems to be saying about death in the novel. What happens at the end of the novel to influence the messages Kafka communicates about duty and obligation, particularly in relation to one’s family? What, if anything, surprises you about how these themes are addressed?

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