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Are YOU a good listener?   This discussion asks you to tell your group what a good listener you are 
In your post, tell your group about one thing you do well as a listener and tell us the story of the last time you remember doing that one thing.
Your story should include:
Who you were listening to (example – my brother, my female friend from work)
What they were sharing with you (a general overview will suffice, like, “They were telling me about the things the boss does to drive them crazy at work”)
What that one listening thing was that you did well
What impact doing that one thing had on the communication, the conversation, the other person, or on the relationship
Next, tell your group about one thing you need to improve about your listening. Then, tell them the story about the last time you remember NOT doing this listening thing well. Your story should include the same 4 things as before. (see the 4 bullets above)
Your format should look like this
One listening thing that I do well: 
Story of a time I did well:
One listening thing that I don’t do well:
Story of a time I did not do so well:

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