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For this, I would like for you to think about each of the following topics for your research paper. These ten topics reflect different aspects of personal relationships and ethnic identities within the United States, especially the beautifully diverse Houston community. I want you to think your own experiences and those of people you know. Which of these topics speak to you; has importance, relevance, or concern; has been a recent conversation with someone you know; has met with positive or negative consequences? Talk about these topics with friends and family and have them share their insights with you—especially those topics not necessarily familiar to you. Choose three or so topics and just write about them… This will help you to reveal to yourself what you already know and feel about the topic. Then, choose the one that is most appealing for your Argumentative research paper.
Can people of different ethnicities truly be accepted into other ethnic groups?
Why do some people of ethnic groups in the United States tend to isolate themselves from other ethnic groups?
Do people of different ethnicities avoid romantic relations with other ethnicities in fear of non-acceptance into the other group?
Is the concept of love different among different ethnic groups?
Is love experienced the same way among heterosexual and homosexual people?
Can open relationships/marriages be healthy?
What is the most important aspect of a healthy relationship?
Why do people stay in abusive or loveless relationships when they could be happier with someone else?
What is the best way to “move on” after a breakup with someone deeply loved?
Is it possible to be truly in love with or love two or more different people at the same time?
For this research paper, you are required to have three to five highly credible sources. These sources must be listed among your works cited and correctly cited within the text. Paraphrasing is preferred over short and long direct quotes.  you must cite all sources correctly.
I have been very lenient with grading up to this point; however, I will grade the research paper strictly. You must revise and edit several times before submission.
You must strictly adhere to MLA style standards. All text must be double spaced, Times New Roman, size 12 black font. The heading must be meticulously scrutinized.
You must have a clear, three-point thesis ending your introduction and restated at the beginning of your conclusion. Your body paragraphs must begin with topic sentences reflective of the points of your thesis, and your body paragraphs must be organized in the same sequence as the points of your thesis statement.
Everything in your body paragraphs must support your topic sentences. If it does not, it must be removed.
There will be absolutely no first or second person usage in this paper. Only third person is acceptable. Additionally, there will be no contractions, colloquialisms, or slang words or expressions.
With a three-point thesis, there will be three well-developed body paragraphs. If you need more length, six body paragraphs should be enough (two paragraphs per thesis point). All text must be organized and flow naturally.
Each body paragraph should have two examples with two supporting details for each example. I have attached both a template and work sheet to help you with organization.
This must be your best work. Plan and allocate time for revision and editing.

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